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Windows Treatment

RT Decor has all types of window treatments. Whether you’re looking primarily for privacy or purely aesthetic reasons, we have everything you need. We bring our years of experience into helping you pick out the perfect window coverings for your home.



Blinds and shades

Blinds and shades provide privacy while filtering out sunlight. They are great alternatives to curtains and come in a variety of styles.


Roller Shades

Roller shades allow you to control the amount of sunlight that comes into your home with ease. They are perfect for a minimalistic look.


Solar Screen
Allows you to block out UV rays and sunlight without sacrificing your view.
Blackout fabric with fascia and side Channels
The ultimate privacy. blocks out all sunlight for a seamless night’s sleep.
Translucent fabrics
(Provides total privacy without sacrificing sunlight)

Roman Shades
Shades with added elegance. They provide extra esthetic appeal to the minimalistic look of roller shades.

Flat Roman Shades
Starts with elegant folds and becomes flat when it is fully extended.
Maintains a permanent fold even if it is fully extended.

Wooven wood shades
Shades made from natural and polyester woods and grasses. They give a rustic look to any room.
Cellular shades
Accordion style shades that can be blackout or let a bit of light through.
Sliding Panels
Vertical panels made from any fabric that allow you to minimize sunlight filtration for large or small window expanses.
Aluminum blinds
Horizontal blinds with a contemporary design that are perfect for the home or office.
Horizontal wood blinds
Similar to aluminum blinds and a great choice for light control.

Dress your home with a luxurious and cozy look. Curtains can be made to match any pattern with the fabric of your choice, giving the room the ambience desired.

Ripple fold
Has a continuous wave giving it a much desired contemporary look.
Pinch Pleat
The most classic of all pleated draperies. Ideal for privacy and room darkening.
Similar to ripple fold save for the rod being visible.
Cornices and Valances
A way to hide unsightly junctions while giving the curtain an extra aesthetic appeal with a variety of designs.

Plantation Shutters
Made from hardwood and poly wood, these shutters are designed to give your home a more traditional look.  

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